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Conservative, Consistent, Common Sense

Conservative - As a conservative, I recognize the need for local Governance. That all too often decisions made four hours away in Raleigh have adverse effects by the time they make it back to Henderson County. We have to work with our local state representatives to find balance that allows us to do what is best for us and our children, rather than deferring to bureaucrats who would probably confuse Henderson County with the town of Henderson, NC. This has to change, and if you want change you HAVE to vote for it.

Consistent - Children need consistency in their life. We need consistency in education. The amount of learning loss during Covid was tremendous. It will take consistently focusing on academics during school hours for our children to recover this loss. Education should be focused on mathematics, science, language arts, history, and civics. Teaching our children the documents and principles our country was founded on protects their rights. That the constitution was written, not to tell the gov't what they could do FOR us, but what the gov't cannot do TO us. We need to teach our children how to stand on their own two feet, to be independent, critical thinkers and entrepreneurs so they can help others, not looking for the gov't to help them.

Common sense - I'll hit my first point again briefly. The decisions made by bureaucrats hours away have to make sense for us here in Henderson County. Decisions as serious as the rights of parents being taken away when it comes to the healthcare and well being of their children, and decisions as simple as the date the school calendar can begin. There's no good reason why one person should dictate to the people how to manage their lives, or their children's lives. We have to have the common sense and courage to push back against the grain when decisions are having adverse effects on our daily lives.

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