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"Free the Smiles" Act

On March 9th, North Carolina lawmakers failed to pass Senate Bill 173, also known as the "Free the Smiles" act. This bill had previously passed with seemingly "veto proof" support in Raleigh, but unfortunately, two Democrat state senators rescinded their support, and a Republican state senator was absent in this revote, after Governor Roy Cooper vetoed the bill last week. The bill fell two votes short of the veto proof status it originally held.

Senate bill 173 would have guaranteed that parents have the right, their God-given right, to choose what is best for their child in regards to wearing a face covering in public schools. Currently, most public school districts have relaxed their face covering policy, but with Governor Roy Cooper's continued overreach of executive power, parents must stay vigilant in this ongoing battle for personal choice and liberty.

Moving forward, we must elect fighters to represent us on our local boards, as well as in our capital cities. We must elect individuals who will not be afraid to push back against tyranny. We must send people who will defend our Constitutional rights and individual liberty. Here I am, send me.

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