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With me, and with We The People

Speaking the unfiltered truth isn't politically expedient, but I've said from day one that I'm not a politician; I'm a parent. I'm a parent who is fed up, and I decided to stand up and speak up. I'm fed up with a system that is more concerned with following guidance for funding than making sure our children are being prepared for life. Life is hard and will kick you every chance it gets; that is a fact. We should be preparing our children how to stand on their own two feet and roll with the punches. That life isn't fair sometimes, and the world doesn't offer safe spaces or care about their feelings. That's a harsh reality, but it's true. We should be training our children how to become successful entrepreneurs. That trade schools will provide them with the skills to get started, and business classes will give them the knowledge to run their own businesses. Teaching them how to become independently successful so they can bless others through giving, rather than looking to the government for what it can give them. Give a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish, right? Ask not what your country can do for you.....right? We have failed our children over the last two years. That's hard to type, but again, it's true. Common core has failed our children for 13 years, and the evidence is apparent, if you're a parent, who has parented long enough. We have got to get back to basics, academically. English, Math, Science, Civics. Those are the foundation. Elective classes that will be relatable and practical to real world situations should be encouraged. I believe we should teach America is the greatest country in the history of man. That men and women who were divinely inspired founded our great nation, and that we're all created equally in God's image. I believe we should eliminate SEL. That sounds crazy, until you pull back the layers and see the language in SEL that leads directly to CRT. Again, that may not be politically expedient, but it's honest, and that's all I know how to be. We should put "Treat others the way you want to be treated" and "Love One Another" on a wall in every classroom in this country. Those two principles have served me well in life, and transcend any barrier of color or gender. We all are humans, so any theory involving race they want to inject into our children's psyche, is just that, a theory and damages their ability to see through the barriers man constructs to prevent us from working together as just, humans. I will continue to run my line, I will continue to speak, unfiltered and outside any box anyone tries to place me in. If you haven't already realized, I am untameable and unable to be reeled in. For those who cannot support that, I support your right to choose someone you can support. For those who want to support truth, and getting back to basics and America first curriculum, welcome, I believe you have found the right place to stand. With me, and with We The People.

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